About Us

AZ Balikbayan (LBC Express – Arizona) was created out of both necessity and opportunity.

Before the arrival of AZ Balikbayan (LBC Express – Arizona), the Balikbayan couriers that were available in Arizona were allowing Balikbayan boxes to sit in Arizona warehouses until they had a full container to ship to The Philippines. This act of cutting transport costs at the expense of customers would cause serious and unwanted delays for Balikbayan cargo shipped from Arizona to The Philippines. At times, Balikbayan boxes would take a whopping 4 months to get to recipients. This was absolutely unacceptable.

We decided to take our boxes directly to the LBC Express office at the shipping ports in Gardena, California to ensure our boxes arrived to our clients in a timely manner. Driving our cargo from Arizona to LBC Express’s main office in California resulted in our Balikbayan boxes arriving to our recipients in The Philippines within 6-8 weeks. The difference was truly substantial.

After LBC Express’s main office noticed our volume and frequent deliveries to their main office at the Los Angles ports, they offered us to be their main agent in Arizona and we happily accepted.

Now, as an official LBC Express owner/agent, we offer the fastest and safest Balikbayan cargo services in Arizona, taking our loyal clients’ Balikbayan cargo to the LBC Express port on a weekly basis regardless of volume. In addition to offering the fastest and safest Sea Cargo services, we are the only agents in Arizona to offer Air Cargo which will get your important shipments to The Philippines within 10-15 business days.

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