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LBC Express Brings Convenient Filing Solutions Across the Philippines with Supreme Court Accreditation

LBC Express Brings Convenient Filing Solutions Across the Nation with Supreme Court Accreditation

In an exciting development, LBC Express, a leading courier provider in the Philippines, has achieved accreditation with the Supreme Court, marking a significant milestone in the nation’s legal and logistics landscape. With this prestigious endorsement, LBC Express can now offer a reliable and convenient filing solution to law firms and litigants across the country. This blog post delves into the details of LBC ‘s accreditation and how it simplifies the process of filing court submissions, making it a game-changer for the legal community.

On May 29, 2023, a ceremonial meeting was held to formalize LBC ‘s accreditation as a courier provider for all courts in the Philippines. The event marked a momentous occasion as LBC Express solidified its commitment to providing essential services to litigants in partnership with the Supreme Court.

Jerome S. Santos, Senior Vice President of LBC Express Business Solutions, expressed his honor and enthusiasm in collaborating with the Supreme Court to offer this vital service. He emphasized that LBC ‘s nationwide branch and delivery network ensure ease and convenience for litigants when filing court submissions, with each transaction officially acknowledged on the day of success.

Legislative Enablement

The accreditation became possible due to the 2019 Amendments to the Rules of Civil Procedure, which allowed courier providers to seek accreditation from the Supreme Court. Although not immediately verified after the amendments, LBC Express obtained its accreditation in February of the current year. This legislative enablement paved the way for LBC Express to streamline the process of court submissions filing and offer a trusted logistics partner to the legal community.

LBC Express Accessible Filing Solutions

With the Supreme Court’s accreditation, litigants can now file a range of court submissions, including pleadings, motions, notices, orders, judgments, and more, at any LBC Express branch nationwide. Additionally, LBC Express provides the convenience of rider pickup, where the date of successful courier pickup or branch drop-off is considered the official date of filing. This service ensures that law firms have the flexibility they need in managing time-sensitive documents and submissions.

The Court Administrator Raul B. Villanueva, who participated in the ceremonial meeting, expressed his delight with LBC’s seamless services. He praised LBC’s efficiency in providing essential services and highlighted that they are now ready to serve not only the court system but the entire nation.

LBC’s Supreme Court accreditation offers law firms and litigants peace of mind, knowing that their confidential and sensitive documents are secure. Leveraging LBC’s extensive network and the trust bestowed upon it by the highest court in the Philippines, the new filing service simplifies accessibility needs and ensures reliability in every transaction.

LBC’s accreditation with the Supreme Court marks a significant milestone in the realm of legal logistics in the Philippines. With this partnership, law firms and litigants gain access to a reliable and efficient solution for filing court submissions. By leveraging LBC’s nationwide branch and delivery network, litigants can now conveniently file their documents while ensuring security and trustworthiness throughout the process. The Supreme Court’s endorsement further solidifies LBC’s position as a leader in courier services, offering a convenient and dependable option for the legal community across the nation.

For more information and to find the nearest LBC Express branch, visit their website: With LBC’s Supreme Court accreditation, the future of legal logistics looks brighter than ever. This article is a courtesy of AZBalikbayan.

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